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Services of the GSS Group

Corporate Services
  • assistance with incorporation or acquisition of companies in various jurisdictions

Incorporation of companies in various countries is our daily work. We have offices in Nicosia, Prague and Bratislava, but we communicate with clients, colleagues and contacts all around the word. Also quick acquisition of a shelf company helps our clients to start a business project in a very short time.


  • certificates from the Company Registrar or Tax domiciles

Corporate certificates and tax domiciles are essential for business activities of companies. We can arrange obtaining certificates and tax domiciles, legalisation through apostille, official translation and delivery in due time.


  • keeping registers of corporate documents

By all means, we offer safekeeping of corporate documentation and compliance monitoring of the corporate documentation with the Companies Law.


  • filing of necessary documents to Company Registrars

Corporate changes in companies do not have to mean complications with our cooperation. We are able to prepare all documentation according to client´s needs and submit changes to Company Registrars in different jurisdictions.

Fiduciary Services
  • provision and mediation of services of a director, secretary, nominee shareholder and registered office

We are able to offer you company bodies, such as director, secretary, nominee shareholder and registered office in any jurisdiction in which your business is or will be located ourselves as well as in cooperation with our external partners.

Business and Management Consulting



  • consulting regarding international structures and foreign business 

Based on our long experience in business we can offer you guidance on planning of company structures which will suit your business plans in most effective manner.

  • screening of business partners (Due Dilligence, World Check, etc.)

We offer screening of your business partners through World Check system and we are also able to prepare comprehensive legal and economic Due Diligence.

  • providing powers of attorney and representatives 

We understand that operation of the company requires time to time representation, we are able to provide our clients with representatives who can act on behalf of our clients on base of power of attorney. Also we are able to advise you when legal representation is required or necessary and we arrange for representation by external law firms.

Accounting Services
  • accounting services according to international accounting standards (IFRS)

Our team of accountants is ready to provide you with full range of services connected with any area of accounting. Using our experience in many jurisdictions we can provide you online accounting to help you improve your business overview and we can assist you to find suitable solutions to your accounting issues.

  • preparation of financial statements for company´s audit

  • mediation of audit

We will provide you with full set of accounts ready for audit and help you to arrange all necessary documents to proceed with audit requirements. We will also take over all the communication with the auditors.


  • monitoring of cash flow

We also offer any kind of help to take care of the company’s cash-flow, to meet deadlines and to help clients with the daily life of the business/projects.

Administration & Administrative Services
  • support with AML & KYC procedures

Due to a significant increase in regulatory requirements in recent years, AML & KYC procedures have become too administratively demanding and time consuming. We have the knowledge and experience and are ready to help you in order for you to be AML & KYC compliant in every jurisdiction.

  • providing supporting documents for book keeping

We offer complex accounting services as well as the required support in cooperation with lawyers or other professional advisors,


  • preparing instructions & payment orders

  • providing administrative support for bank accounts

The range of our services include bank account opening all over the world and we offer daily assistance in questions regarding the arrangement of  payments, signatories and realization of all bank matters. We take care of all communication with bank institutions in order to secure that your business deals are processed fast and precisely.

  • operation of the company with daily assistance

We in GSS understand the client‘s needs and we are able to arrange every service connected with the operation of the company from its incorporation to the process of its dissolution. Through our colleagues or licensed specialists (tax advisors, lawyers) we provide services in each sphere, i.e. legal and economic consulting, preparation of the supporting documentation, communication with institutions and business partners.



  • regular monitoring of the company´s cash flow & assets

  • reporting and controlling

Our clients receive full and actual information about the state of their companies in a timely manner. Our services on monitoring are not limited only to several outputs, but based on your requirements we can provide you with all summaries possible.


  • performing shareholders rights in shareholdings of administrated companies – if needed, and related agenda

Our employees can perform all shareholders rights on behalf of the client in any jurisdiction the client wishes, which brings the comfort and decreases the cost of shareholders meetings of our clients. Services of GSS are not limited only to representation, but on behalf of our clients we can arrange the whole shareholders meeting with the whole supporting documentation.

Other Services
  • preparation of general meetings

Our qualified and experienced colleagues can perform shareholders´ rights on behalf of the client in any jurisdiction. Preparation of full set of documentation and provision of staff to organize general meetings in compliance with the legal requirements.


  • preparation of annual reports

Together with the accounting and mediation of audit, we prepare annual reports for companies in jurisdiction where required.


  • personal leasing - provision of services of the professional assistant

Our colleagues are trained with corporate issues and are able to handle meetings on behalf of the client, such as taking part in shareholders´ meetings, representation towards the bank to open a bank account, dealing with land registry.


  • provision of video conferences

High quality video-conferences can be conducted through our IT provider.


  • providing representation towards registrars (pledges, land registry, etc.)

Considering protection of assets and security, we prepare, fill and submit forms to the land registry and the registrars of companies. Moreover we can monitor changes in registrars and inform promptly.

Trust & Foundation


  • assistance with establishment in various jurisdictions

With our knowledge we are able to provide you with professional assurance and advisory services. In first we set the core of principles and criteria to address the risk and opportunities and to increase efficiency. Based on your decision we are able to assist you with establishment of trust/foundation in various jurisdictions.


  • provision of trustee services

We are able to offer you directly or mediate trustee services in any jurisdiction.


  • administration of trusts /foundation

We are able to offer you services connected with administration on daily basis. We keep accurate records of trust for the client for legal and accounting purposes. We also provide our clients regular check of actions, the status of the trust/foundation and its investments so it remains legally compliant.

Tax Services 
  • registration / deregistration of  VAT (filing of quarterly VAT return, monthly VIES form)

We offer registration or deregistration of the company with VAT authorities, VAT guidance, calculation of VAT and filing of all VAT returns and forms. We can also provide complex VAT advice by our Cyprus colleagues or through tax advisors in all other jurisdictions.  

  • preparation and filing of taxes

  • preparation of tax computation

  • settlement of tax/levies/fees 

We offer calculation of all taxation (corporation, VAT, property, vehicle, etc.), which can be arranged by our team or in cooperation with our external partners. We will fill and submit all tax returns due or preliminary and we can also assist with the settlements of payable taxes and fees.

  • VAT representation

In cooperation with our external partners we are able to arrange complex VAT advice and representation with VAT offices.

  • provision of tax domiciles

in cooperation with our external partners we are able to arrange tax domicile according to the specific needs of the destination country.

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